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elos – flexible event logging and management with normalized output for Linux

Any event is transformed to the unified canonical format and forwarded to the clients. These clients only receive the events requested, and elos performs the filtering. Thus, developers do not have to worry about event seeking, they can focus entirely on the implementation of the event reaction.

The harmonized output-format of the events allows for filtering in the storage subsystem of elos. Depending on the filter rules events are stored with specific retention policies to allow cyber security audits or even post-mortem analysis.

This layer of abstraction provided by elos highly simplifies maintenance. In any case where event source changes in structure or interface, the elos input is the only event that needs adoption. All remaining software can stay unchanged and assume the original canonical event to show up.

Additionally, elos ensures security-relevant events by sender authorization.

The elos framework was designed by Elektrobit in the course of development of EB corbos Linux - built on Ubuntu which is a highly optimized automotive Linux-based operating system and infrastructure.

Elektrobit made the decision to invest in such a framework together with emlix. In doing so, the elos architecture and requirements were defined together with emlix.

emlix was also in charge of the implementation and now provides the maintenance of elos in the open source community - still powered by Elektrobit, who also contributes to the open source community with other projects.

The elos software is under MIT license and hosted on github (https://github.com/Elektrobit/elos).

You will also find some additional info at elos-logger.org.

There mascot is a bare-nosed wombat called elos and designed from the handwriting word „elos“.