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emlix designs, integrates, documents and tests updatable container concepts on the basis of the OpenContainerInitiative (OCI) and comparable standards. Industrial companies profit from accelerated development, test and production cycles.

Containers enclose the application as well as a file system that includes everything that is needed to run the application. They can only communicate via a few defined interfaces. This allows simple migration from one Linux system to another. Container technologies also simplify the testing of distributed system components.

Professional porting and maintenance through application containers

Container virtualizations form an environment for applications that run on systems isolated from each other. In contrast to a full virtualization, a container does not have its own operating system. Nevertheless, independence from the underlying Linux system and its hardware platform is achieved.

Our portfolio includes:

  • Analysis of the requirements for the use of containers
  • Design of container-based architectures
  • Container-based systems with runc, LXC and rkt
  • Setting up and integration of containers
  • Container build and test infrastructure (DevOps)
  • Maintenance of container-based systems

A heavyweight framework like Docker is thereby often avoided, but a similar range of functions is achieved.

Advantages for security-critical applications

On the basis of runc, LXC and rkt, container-based architectures from emlix are in use in a very wide range of industries and fields of application. Through the interaction via various containers in a product, we orchestrate, for example, security-critical applications, multimedia GUI applications, Java middleware, web servers, Cloud connectors and third-party software in separately maintainable containers of a Linux board support package.