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With the extent to which high-performance CPUs are taking over safety-critical areas, the necessity increases of providing a high-performance operating system that is able to fully utilize the resources of the hardware.

Linux is increasingly being chosen for this purpose because the openness of the code, the adaptability for specific requirements, the good security characteristics, the enormous advantages in terms of maintenance and not least financial considerations over the entire life cycle are decisive arguments for many products.

Linux-based norm-conforming development

For the use of Linux in safety-critical products there are various options in terms of the architecture from separate microcontrollers for the FuSi processes to the utilization of hypervisors or an inherently secure Linux variant. Which of these solutions is appropriate depends on the context and the particular product in question.

On the basis of our experience with these approaches to the architecture as well as with the relevant norms we are able to support our customers with the development, certification and maintenance of Linux-based software systems in safety-critical areas.

Our services in the fields of concepts, development and maintenance include:

  • Analysis of the safety requirements
  • Safety checks
  • Software architecture and detailed software designs
  • Selection of suitable open source components
  • Implementation, verification and documentation according to the stipulations of the relevant norms
  • Integration in hypervisor-based and multicore architectures
  • Build management and continuous integration
  • Safety management for our parts of the development
  • Open source compliance documentation
  • Maintenance concepts / PRM/CRM processes
  • Life cycle maintenance throughout the product life cycle

We are pleased to support our customers, also in the initial project phase, with requirements and architecture workshops as well as pre-development studies if required.