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In professional embedded software projects it is essential to have an efficient, system-near, development-accompanying test facility. This also includes hardware-near tests at the interface between system software and the board or processor module. Suitable, flexibly adaptable test automation also enables continual series or release tests through the continuing product life cycle.

Designing quality assurance economically

With the Test Application Framework (TAF) emlix has developed a quality assurance tool for embedded Linux board support packages to meet the requirements of a wide range of projects and which can be optimally adapted to the dynamics of agile development and later component optimization. It enables quality assurance throughout development and production through continual system, module and integration tests with a high test coverage.

Defined and reproducible test procedure

Especially when embedded Linux operating system software is subject to an independent conformity evaluation, the developer is compelled to guarantee a defined and reproducible test procedure in order to successfully achieve certification. Manual testing is usually replaced and employees are relieved of routine tasks.

There is an additional advantage when the development of the hardware and board support packages takes place in parallel: the interaction of product-specific hardware and a Linux system platform can be tested and evaluated significantly faster and therefore more economically. These largely person-independent regression tests also enable the comparison of various revisions.