... provides software system solutions as well as tools and processes for industrial grade products based on embedded Linux. With regard to digitalization and network integration security concepts play an important role just as maintenance and updating throughout the product lifecycle.  Bootloader, kernel and driver development are emlix' core competencies just like update concepts, realtime solutions and boot time optimization.

In application development we usually use C, C++, Java, html5 or Qt. Our M2M communication solutions are e.g. based on  OPC-UA and MQTT. System solutions developed by emlix have been certified by FDA, PTB and BSI successfully.  (more...)


embedded Security

New legal regulations like the German IT-Sicherheitsgesetz and new processes demanded by IoT structures require adopted solutions to increase the system security of industrial grade embedded devices. They also necessitate a security monitoring throughout the product lifecycle. Furthermore it is recommendable to have a security review for existing systems. (read more...)

HTML5 based Applications

Within an industrial context HTML5 based Apps allow an intuitive handling of complex systems. Using a responsive design approach the application adopts to the specific screen. Developing IoT systems RESTful webservices are an established architectural basis to realize distributed information structures.


Linux Build Automation e2factory

Our software management and build system e2factory, which is optimized to meet the challenges of industrial usage, supports the complete product lifecycle management of the embedded Linux software system contained in a customer product. It makes possible continuous version administration and cross-development under central software and configuration management - across locations. (more...)

intelligent system solutions

from design to end of life

emlix News

emlix has joined The Linux Foundation

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(Göttingen, 3/15/19) emlix GmbH is now a member of The Linux Foundation. Hereby, the company is participating in a worldwide network that supports the...

Mainlining News

Mainlining-Aktivitäten September '18

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The emlix team has continued its work and was carrying out some cleanups as well as offering the watchlist interface more user friendly.