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Open Source Compliance

emlix is bound to open source compliance practices. emlix' corporate purpose mainly is open source software development and we are part of open source communities. We have established internal regulations to guarantee proper usage of open source software, and we for sure oversee its utilization within our organization. Thus, our customers can safely utilize the software.

OpenChain ISO/IEC 5230:2020 serves as the international standard for open source license compliance. It outlines the essential requirements of a robust open source license compliance program to establish a standard that fosters trust among organizations exchanging software solutions containing open source software components.

emlix is self-certified under ISO/IEC 5230:2020, ensuring that the solutions we deliver adhere to the OpenChain standard and that our practices and procedures meet industry standards consistently.

Request for Source Code

For open source software delivered by our company under an open source license granting the right to obtain the source code for at least three years from the distribution date, we generally offer access to the source code for our customers. If the source code was not initially provided with the binary, you can request a copy of it on physical media.

To request such source code, please contact us via email at oss-compliance@~@emlix.com