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Companies that use Linux in their products profit from the development work of tens of thousands of open source developers. Conversely, more and more companies are collaborating with the community, actively engaging in bringing improvements and new developments upstream, submitting patches and participating in community projects.

Open Source Collaboration Speeds Up Industries

emlix integrates open-source software into industrial products and acts as an interface and contributor to various open-source software projects worldwide for its clients.

Additionally, emlix develops and maintains open-source software both independently and on behalf of clients. Naturally, emlix's developers are also personally involved in projects and connected with the community.

We are happy to support our clients in this open-source policy and if mutually agreed, take care of the upstreaming process. Furthermore, we ensure that our development results are open source compliant, allowing our clients to fulfill corresponding customer requests in a GPL-compliant manner (please note that we cannot provide legal advice).