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Short innovation cycles in digital technology and open source software, new characteristics of industrial products, conformity with norms and certification as well as the continual professionalization of the development and maintenance of embedded Linux systems: these are the topics that define our consulting fields.

Consultancy with system competence

As a supplier of open source engineering services we have supported the development teams of our customers for more than 20 years with decision and realization-orientated consultancy before, during and after development projects. At the strategic level, we provide advice on high-level technology decisions and their realization in infrastructure, processes and agile development methods.

Our consulting fields include:

  • Strategic aspects of embedded open source software
  • Open source licence compliance and quality assurance
  • Planning, build-up and operation of the infrastructure for development
  • Qualification and selection of build systems and distributions
  • Setting up of the continuous integration and delivery pipeline
  • Requirements analysis, risk evaluation, conformity with industry standards
  • Design of open-source-software-based system architectures
  • Qualification and selection of open source tools and components
  • Cyber security audits and requirements
  • Verification and validation as well as test automation
  • Processes for open source CVE monitoring with evaluation
  • Planning and realization of long-term maintenance
  • Design of the cooperation with the upstream communities

We integrate technologies, automate processes and optimize workflows together with our customers. The strategic aim is the protection of investments and the securing of competitive advantages through the use of open source software in the production processes of our customers.


Further information

Feel free to contact us. In an initial conversation we can establish how we can support you in a way that is adapted to your needs.

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