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The creation of board support packages (BSPs) for devices, machines and plant is a core competence of emlix. We support you with extensive specialist knowledge from the board bring-up via the adaptation of the boot loader and kernel right up to system and application development on the basis of embedded Linux and open source technologies.

Linux BSPs – hardened and qualified

Depending on the catalogue of requirements, operating system platforms from emlix are based on mainline sources or embedded Linux distributions such as Yocto, Buildroot and PTXdist. We support all the main process architectures such as ARM, MIPS, PowerPC and x86 from the various SoC manufacturers.

Our services in the context of planning and development include:

  • Custom board bring-up
  • Bootloader adaptations (e.g. Fastboot)
  • Integration of specific hardware (e.g. WiFi, LTE/5G, CAN, Bluetooth, FPGA)
  • Product-specific optimization of the start behaviour
  • Real-time solutions with asymmetric multiprocessing (AMP) and Preempt_RT
  • Hypervisor virtualization, e.g. with Adeos / Xenomai
  • Specific recovery – and update mechanisms
  • Product-specific over-the-air (OTA) update concepts
  • Planning and realization of security and container concepts
  • Application-specific-adapted tools, libraries and frameworks (Qt, HTML5, web browser)
  • Development and documentation of automated system tests
  • Open source and security compliance documentation
  • System analysis, debugging and performance optimization
  • Build management, continuous integration and DevOps
  • Consultancy on planning, development, testing and maintenance

In addition to the tested board support package, we provide the necessary toolchain as well as licence documentation. This enables independent further development and maintenance of the system by your own development team if necessary.

In the case of extended norm and quality requirements we support you with additional documentation and automated tests as well as test documentation that is also created automatically. Furthermore, we take over the software life cycle maintenance and realize the CVE security monitoring if desired.