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Remote or over-the-air (OTA) update concepts are often an integral part of the development of networked industrial products. An update concept is a prerequisite for software maintenance and rectification of errors, and guarantees system safety through security patches. Together with you, we find an individual solution on the basis of proven concepts and robust mechanisms.

Use-case-specific update solutions

A remote update concept must always be tailored to the individual application and utilization context of the product and therefore the organization of the manufacturer and operator. The necessity for updates usually affects not only the application and the operating system but also the software in peripheral controllers or the FPGA configurations. Particular challenges are presented by the overall system integrity and the migration of configuration data.

In addition, the continual expansion of the range of functions and support for innovative business models results in new challenges for the update functionality. OTA update concepts are therefore usually product-specific.

Our update concepts often include the following features and functions:

  • Authenticity, integrity and confidentiality
  • Power failure safety mechanisms
  • Functions for or against update rollbacks
  • Availability of a rescue system
  • Creation of updating bundles
  • Transmission of updating bundles
  • Securing of configuration and user data
  • Key creation and administration
  • Storage space optimization
  • Bandwidth optimization

A difference is hereby often made between file, package, data and application updates or partition updates. As the backend, cloud-based server and services are often deployed and device management is used.