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The emlix Build Automation Framework e2factory is optimized for industrial - and normative - requirements. You can use it to build product-specific board support packages (BSP) reproducibly and to maintain your embedded Linux system throughout the whole product lifecycle. Documentation of the included software packages and their licenses as well as corresponding tests can be generated automatically within the build process.

e2factory Demo BSP: evaluation of e2factory features

The e2factory Demo BSP for Raspberry Pi Zero (W) and QEMU provides an simple and well documented entry point into software management and automated build with e2factory. Every step of the build process may be followed easily. Determined software versions can be rebuilt reproducibly even years later - independently from the specific build enviroment or person.

Additionally, we will show you how e2factory can generate fully automated technical documents with information on contained software components, including the license information.

This is particularly relevant for standards-compliant development (for example IEC 62304) with open source software, but also provides mandatory proof of the composition of the BSP for less critical projects (keyword: open source compliance).


It takes little effort to get the BSP for the Raspberry Pi Zero (W) and QEMU up and running on the hardware, after the build process is completed. The image only needs to be copied to a microSD card and started on the Raspberry Pi.

emlix has tested the e2factory demo BSP using the emlix TAF - Test Application Framework as a demonstration. The resulting test report is included with the demo BSP. By means of the e2factory BuildID and the automated generation of the test report, this enables complete tracking and tracing of development and testing.

The e2factory demo BSP is available for download as a tarball. This contains a directory for the optional central storage of the demo project on a server. A readme-document for the server installation can be found in the file.

The image created in the demo project includes all the basic functions needed to start the BSP on the Raspberry Pi or QEMU. e2factory is subject to the GPLv3 and is freely available as a development tool.

emilx offers professional services for the design, assembly, qualification, maintenance and CVE security monitoring of e2factory-based embedded Linux systems throughout the entire product lifecycle.

Please direct any suggestions, comments or questions to: demobsp@~@e2factory.org.