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The integration of innovative industrial products into cloud backends necessitates the interaction of various disciplines at different levels. From the sensors and actuators to the embedded device with cloud-based functions and the development of the backend cloud application, all the components must interact with each other.

Linux edge-to-cloud infrastructure

emlix designs and develops software platforms at device level. Infrastructure and functions such as connectivity, data handling and concentration, device management, remote updates as well as the provision of the cloud infrastructure and connectors for public/private cloud or hybrid cloud systems are the focus of our work.

Our IoT device solutions include:

  • Analysis of device infrastructure requirements
  • Design and development of individual cloud connectors
  • Development of OPC UA, MQTT and REST-based systems
  • Integration of Azure, AWS and private cloud components
  • Interface development and integration into ERP systems such as SAP
  • Creation and tests of embedded Linux IoT BSPs
  • Cloud container build and test infrastructure (DevOps)
  • Security and maintenance of IoT device platforms

We put together hardware and product-specific Linux systems for our customers with AWS and Docker support and update functions. This enables their developers to concentrate immediately on the development of the data-processing as well as the processing and visualization in the AWS backend, for example.

Furthermore, we make available the AWS command line interface, AWS Greengrass as well as a .net5 runtime in the BSP. Additionally required tools and libraries as well as Lambda APIs are also among our services. The result is a hardened, documented and economically maintainable software platform for IoT applications.