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In addition to development services, the emlix portfolio includes support and maintenance services throughout the entire embedded software life cycle. The triggers are usually functional improvements and bug fixes for open source components as well as changes to electronic parts and cost optimization in series production.

Investment security through maintenance monitoring

In addition to maintaining the software system and its variants and ensuring project-specific competence, a central component of our maintenance and support contracts is continuous monitoring. We also maintain the build infrastructure, including standardized processes.

Our service spectrum in the area of maintenance includes:

  • Reproducible maintenance of software systems (repository)
  • Monitoring in the open source community and reporting at regular meetings
  • By agreement, error removal (fixes) and Improvements (updates)
  • Functional extension of product features (upgrades)
  • Adaptation to changed and new CPUs, components and boards
  • Updating and extending of the documentation (Possibly due to the requirements of new norms)
  • Checking of the component list and dependencies (bill of material)
  • Maintenance of configurations, build processes and build recipes
  • Verification of the build process and the reproducibility
  • Maintenance of the DevOps pipeline, continuous integration and testing
  • Variant configuration and management in the case of platforms
  • Updating of the included licences and licence information
  • Depending on the product context, extended qualification of every change of requirements