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The preconditions for economical maintenance, security and the innovational capability of an embedded Linux system are created within the framework of the development process. Increasing security requirements, legislative obligations, product individualization and the speed of change in the component market are increasing the demands on maintenance. Through a configurable process we are able to take into account these (diverse) challenges in the maintenance, resulting in an efficient life cycle management that provides a competitive advantage for our customers.

Process security for maintenance and further development

Behind our maintenance services – just as with the CVE security monitoring – there are defined, partially automated, reproducible, and most importantly well-proven processes. At the same time we transfer the specific knowledge gained during the development process into the maintenance phase.

Our life cycle management process includes the following key features:

  • Analysis of the maintenance requirements
  • Definition of the maintenance measures
  • Configuration of the maintenance process
  • Transfer to maintenance monitoring
  • Qualification and reporting of requirements for changes
  • Release planning after customer approval
  • Implementation and testing of the changes
  • Qualification of the changes if necessary
  • Documentation of the changes

If required, we also look after the release management within a defined framework and ensure the traceability of requirements, monitoring results and software changes.

For more than 10 years we have thus been guaranteeing the maintenance and further development of our software solutions for well-known companies. We thereby enable our customers to access the innovation potential of the professional open source community as well as ensuring the IT security according to the latest standards of technology.