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Realtime for Linux

Seminar goal
You will receive a profound introduction to the use of realtime extensions for Linux with a focus on Xenomai.

Target group/prior knowledge
Developer with knowledge of driver development on Linux.

Seminar topics

  • Overview real-time extensions
  • Structure of Adeos / Xenomai
  • Preemptive RT Patch
  • Comparison Preemptive RT / Xenomai
  • Configuration of the kernel
  • Configuration of Xenomai
  • Usermode Realtime
  • Kernelspace Realtime
  • Xenomai Skins
  • Overview Debugging (LTT)

Demonstrations & exercises

  • Configuration
  • Userland & Kernelspace examples
  • Measurement latency behavior

One day, 09:00 am to 05:00 pm

min. 3 Attendees, max. 8 Attendees

For questions, desired content and arrangement of dates for our in-house seminars, please phone us or use our contact form.