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Fachartikel & Vorträge

Technical lecture: Planning, implementing and maintaining cyber security according to IEC 62443

  • Vortrag, emlix News, Events

Thomas Brinker shares his expertise in the development of embedded Linux-based industrial products at 2nd Phytec Anwenderforum on April 24 and 25,…

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Tech Paper crinit / cominit - booting Linux in a function-focused embedded environment

  • Community, Fachartikel, White Paper, emlix News

Our most current whitepaper presents the open source tools cominit and crinit, which are alternatives to systemd and initramfs tools such as dracut or…

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elos tech paper – flexible event logging and management with normalized output for Linux

  • Community, Fachartikel, White Paper

Event-driven architectures (EDA1) assume that everything can be hooked to events and only when the event occurs actions are started. In a Linux…

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Tech Paper - Deterministic black box testing of file system power-fail reliability for automotive Linux

  • Fachartikel

Automotive embedded systems are at high risk of unexpected power loss and need to handle such an event gracefully. A critical point is the robustness…

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FrOSCon Lecture 2022 - Verifying Application Startup on Linux

  • Vortrag

Missed the FrOSCon 2022? No problem! Here you can find emlix' presentation on "Verifying Application Startup on Linux". We are already looking forward…

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