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elos tech paper – flexible event logging and management with normalized output for Linux

  • Community, Fachartikel, White Paper

Event-driven architectures (EDA1) assume that everything can be hooked to events and only when the event occurs actions are started. In a Linux environment, such architectures find a natural habitat and many FOSS-components are available to support. The Linux kernel for example, has many interfaces that can be used to be notified of important events. The same is true for startup systems and network attached frameworks such as MQTT.

When looking at these different systems, it becomes clear that each has its own understanding of events, their arguments and the interface used to retrieve and send out events.

elos supports design of EDAs by handling events of any kind with structured and configurable solutions.

In this tech paper, a joint collaboration between emlix an Elektrobit, we describe how any event is transformed to the unified canonical format and forwarded to the clients. These clients only receive the events requested, and elos performs the filtering. Thus, developers do not have to worry about event seeking, they can focus entirely on the implementation of the event reaction.

You can find the full tech paper here.