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Elektrobit publishes the elos framework under MIT License - emlix developers will take the maintainership

Elektrobit strengthens its activities towards the open source community and publishes elos - the event logging and management with normalized output-format for Linux.

elos was developed together with the emlix team, which will also provide maintainership for the framework which is put under MIT License.

elos captures and unifies any event from linux kernels or user space tools and brings them into a unified format, which enables flexible distribution to reacting receivers and storage of events depending on event-type and content.

That means:
* Have event-seeking cleanly separated from event-handling.
* Think how handy this is when it comes to version updates and maintenance.
* And for free: elos stores events in the way you request it.

„Elektrobit has been pursuing an open-source strategy and will be contributing to the open-source community regularly“, stated Jens Petersohn, Director, EB corbos Linux Product Management.

"We are more than happy that Elektrobit decided to publish elos to the community. It provides a real added value and we are pretty sure that other Linux developers will be interested in this framework", said Heike Jordan, Managing Director at emlix.

The software will be placed under MIT license and will be hosted on github.

There is also a mascot: a bare-nosed wombat called elos and designed from the handwriting word „elos“.