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Tools & Processes

On the basis of openess and transparency embedded open source solutions provide the possibility to compile optimal adjusted, reduced (no overhead), well maintained and secure systems.

For development, quality assurance, life cycle maintenance as well as protection against sabotage and data manipulation suitable tools and processes are required. Ideally, these should be standardized, professionally cared and easy to handle.


emlix Tools & Processes
for Industrial Grade Embedded Linux

Stimulated by customers with certain certification requirements emlix has developed and optimized such a tool set as well as the corresponding processes for more than 16 years.

emlix is always oriented towards the actual requirements of our customers within the context of industrial embedded development. e2factory, TAF und our Linux security solutions are based on long-lasting experience in cooperation with our customers. Our tooling is simple and smart and supports the efficient usage of open source technologies.


emlix Solutions-Team
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