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e2ps security monitoring

e2ps security monitoring provides support in the maintenance of a well defined security level throughout the entire lifecycle of embedded Linux based industrial products (ICS).

For this purpose we keep watch on relevant sources of information and evaluate possible risks considering the specific application context and risk profile of your product. Once a month - or if required ad hoc - a security report provides you with specific recommendations concerning security patches and updates.

The objective is to promptly identify relevant security fixes, new software versions and improvements of relevant system components and to choose whether and when these need to be applied to the productive system (security patch management).

e2ps security monitoring includes:

  • monitoring of various sources of information
  • context specific evaluation of potential security items
  • customer and product specific security reports
  • recommendations and measurement planing in cooperation with the customer
  • composition of security patches (patch management)
  • Provision of security updates within release plans (or ad hoc)
  • information for supplier declarations (especially security monitoring, vulnerability handling and patch management)

Our tooling (e2factory) ensures the reproducibility and tracking of changes and provides a well defined system security for board support packages.



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If you are interested in our embedded linux security solutions (PDF) please download flyer here...