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Maintenance Monitoring

Among other conceptual services and development work our portfolio covers support and maintenance services along the whole software lifecycle.

Within the typically extended lifecycle of industrial devices and high-end consumer goods changes in hardware and software will occur time and again. Our customers have to react to hardware optimization or discontinuation. Regularly new product variants or customized versions will be added. In addition mainline-compliant embedded Linux board support packages offer the opportunity to directly adopt innovations and improvements from the community.

Our Maintenance and support contracts cover the reliable provision of reproducible software versions, securing of project specific competence as well as continued software development throughout the lifecycle. Besides the whole build infrastructure will be provided and maintained and different sources of information considering the relevant software components will be continuously monitored.

Upon request, emlix can take over the entire release management of embedded Linux based products and keeps the various versions redundant and reproducible.

In this way we ensure for some well-known companies maintenance and further improvement of a software system for several years now.


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If you are interested in our embedded linux software lifecycle management (PDF), please find some more information here.