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e2factory download

Here you can download the current version of e2factory free of charge. Please note that e2factory is published under GPLv3.

If you are interested in support, seminars, project or workbench set-up or specific extensions, please contact our solutions team.

At e2factory professional and e2factory workbench you will find additional information about our services around e2factory.

Changelog: e2factory-2.3.17

  • fixed sub-licences handling for file sources
  • ls-project add --unused option
  • ls-project <result> only shows chroot groups used by listed results
  • ls-project <result> only shows licences used by the listed sources
  • Add new source type "licence", providing licence info to build environment
  • Removed lazytag build mode, it was deprecated for a long time
  • Fix error in cvs source if cvsroot unset

Changelog: e2factory-2.3.16p0

  • Fix collect_project, include default result and its deps into the BuildID

Changelog: e2factory-2.3.16

  • Fix e2 fetch-sources --update for git repos
  • Add experimental gitrepo source type
  • Fix doubled up error message on Control-C
  • Fix e2factory sometimes ignoring Control-C
  • Fix unintended modification of the git index in working source directory.
  • Add sha256 support to e2source file config
  • Add sha256 support to e2licence config
  • Add sha256 support to e2chroot config
  • Add selection of checksum algorithms to proj/config
  • Fix checksum verification of some file sources used bycollect_project
  • Fix SourceID calculation in files plugin under artificial conditions

Changelog: e2factory-2.3.15

  • result.tar does not contain leading ./ prefix any more
  • added typo detection in source and result config files
  • reduced warning noise
  • add warning for empty e2env references
  • make the cache truly transparent
  • improve error reporting in dependency cycle detection
  • ls-project displays sub-licenses of file sources
  • add warning when deploying release builds to disabled server
  • improve error handling when encountering erroneous config files
  • prevent manipulation of the lua string module from config files
  • reduce what's possible (but not advertised) in config files
  • fix CVS/SVN LicenseID calculation
  • detect if an unpack location in a source config points to non-existent dir
  • put an end to changing the working directory of the process repeatedly
  • replaced ad-hoc shell command strings with argument tables or safe quoting
  • unified command execution facilities
  • unified IO facilities and surrounding error handling
  • removed reliance on many shell commands
  • e2factory developer documentation improvements
  • internal error handling has been rewritten
  • collect_project now creates "Makefile" instead of "makefile".
  • remove unusable E2_BUILD_NUMBER variable from build-script.
  • on git source update, fetch tags and prevent non-ff merges
  • object oriented structure for sources, results, chroot, build process, ...
  • split e2factory core into logical modules

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