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Yocto BitBake and Poky-Tiny

If process and lifecycle requirements are not strictly binding and if there are third party application developers who prefer a widespread API a reduced Yocto Project® approach provides an alternative to a fully reproducible build and mainline compliance.

In that case the largely mainline conform bottom-up compilation of the BSP takes place using BitBake and Poky-Tiny (Yocto). In addition to the minimal distribution Poky-Tiny, mainline sources for the necessary packages are utilized and thereby, in contrast to Yocto, the unchanged sources of the respective developer community.

This approach offers an alternative to e2factory in projects where the requirements on reproducibility and life cycle management are less strict. As with other Yocto BSPs, BitBake is used as a build system. Poky-Tiny should ideally be based on an LTS kernel.

Further ready-made Yocto layers with unclear dependencies and the resulting complexity are thus deliberately avoided. The components are, however, mainline-based integrated, so that here also an extensively hardened BSP that is easier to maintain is created.

Using this approach combines a largely bottom-up procedure in putting together BSPs with the great marketability of Yocto. It is especially recommended, for example, when anonymous third parties combine with a familiar API, in order to be able to develop applications with the Linux system.


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