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Yocto Engineering

The Yocto Project® is an open source project for the development of customized embedded Linux systems. At the same time, it refers to a lot of tools, software packages and build recipes of a specific version of a distribution.

As an alternative to the bottom-up compilation with e2factory, we offer professional services for the development and customization of Yocto-based Linux board support packages. With our long-standing knowledge from developing with Yocto, we speed up the product development of our customers.

Our Yocto support includes:

  • Yocto setup (board, toolchain, kernel and boot loader)
  • Configuration of Yocto distro features (init system)
  • Setting up Yocto security features
  • Optimization of individual packages (Qt, web browser)
  • Integration of third-party layers (components)
  • Development of product-specific Yocto meta layers
  • Development of BitBake / Yocto recipes
  • Compilation of target images and SDK bundles
  • Update of Yocto-based BSPs (core layer, recipes)
  • Container-based Yocto build environments
  • Continuous integration for Yocto
  • Development of system tests for Yocto
  • Open source and security compliance documentation
  • Consulting regarding planning, development, testing and maintenance
  • Review of existing Yocto systems

Beyond that a Yocto BitBake and Poky-Tiny architecture offers the possibility to leave out prebuilt Yocto layers with uncertainties regarding dependencies, quality and origin. Moreover, specific versions of drivers and software packages can be freely selected. The system size and level of complexity of the systems can be reduced considerably.

To meet even higher requirements regarding security, handling, process quality and maintenance, we support our customers in migrating from Yocto (BitBake) to a mainline-compliant and function-optimized board support package based on e2factory. Our build tooling also offer functions to automatically generate system and license documentation out of the build process.


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Yocto Project
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