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Embedded Open Source Software – Its Strategic Significance and Its Application in Products

Target Group
Decision makers from the field of product development, product managers, development managers, and managing directors of companies from the capital goods industry.

The decision to adopt an open source strategy is rarely taken exclusively on the basis of technical considerations. The consequences are just too far-reaching in terms of business management and with regard to the medium-term and long-term development potentials and, for example, platform strategies.

The advantages associated with an open source strategy must be evaluated in the context of the company strategy.

For this purpose, emlix will be pleased to offer you consulting based on the extensive experience gained from large-scale open source projects and especially from the introduction of open source strategies. Alternatively, or as an introduction, the emlix executive seminar provides you with a general insight into the topic. The technical, economic and strategic advantages are obvious, but a few basic questions need to be answered:

In which way can I profit from the flexibility of open source software for the embedded applications in my company/my products? What are the processes, service models and basic concepts that play a role in embedded open source systems and which differ from their counterparts in the world of proprietary software? How do successful companies and market leaders – from small and medium-sized businesses to large corporations – integrate free software into their products and their business models? How can the companies avoid having to disclose their core know-how in this context?

The Executive Workshop, which is divided into two parts, offers a concise and targeted introduction into the topic on the basis of practical examples. In the first part of the workshop, decision makers from companies will be shown the most important aspects of applying open source software, taking into account strategic considerations. The background knowledge imparted here can be put to use immediately in the company as a basis for decisions and for the development of an in-house open source strategy.

The second part of the workshop provides information on how to implement an open source strategy for your own products and services. On the basis of another case study, the organizational cornerstones of an open source strategy are presented. In this context, the issue of designing the cycle of innovation, development and product life is dealt with, as well as, for example, particular legal topics.

A. Strategic Aspects of Open Source Software for Embedded Systems

  • Introduction and case study
  • Technical and market trends
  • The transition from the license-based model to the service-based model
  • How the professional open source community works
  • The basics of open source software and the associated licensing models
  • Profitability considerations and strategic advantages
  • Legal aspects of the application of open source software
  • New interfaces for the outsourcing of development services
  • Software management and distributed development
  • Maintenance and servicing throughout the product life cycle

B. Introduction of Open Source Software for Your Own Products and Services

  • Introduction and case study
  • Requirements on innovation management
  • Identifying the specific fields of application
  • Orientation in the market of open source offers
  • Selection of the required software packages
  • Protection of one's own core know-how
  • How to build up an infrastructure for distributed development and maintenance
  • Utilization of free development environments and development tools
  • Legal aspects of outsourcing services
  • How to organize the interaction with the open source community
  • Current developments and trends

Up to 5

2 x 4 hours with one break

On request

By agreement


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Executive Seminar Embedded Open Source Software
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