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USB Electrical and Interoperability Compliance

To prove the conformity of the communication with the USB 2.0 specification and to carry the "USB-certiefied"-Logo, a conformity test has to be carried out by an independent laboratory. The "universal serial bus implementers forum full and low speed electrical and interoperability compliance test procedure" describes the standardized test scenario of a conformity test for a low or full-speed USB device. emlix offers the development and implementation of a pre-test, as well as attending the test procedure on-site.

The pre-test should provide pointers towards possible modifications that might be necessary in order to pass the test successfully. Even when no USB certified logo is required, such a test is still recommended in order to make sure that the device can be used reliably by the end customer.

In preparation for the electrical tests, the data sheets and switching of the components of the device which are involved with USB and the results of reference measurements from the manufacturer are investigated with regard to the electrical requirements of the conformity test. As a preparation for device-framework/interoperability tests, emlix can simulate the behaviour of the device using the USB golden tree.

As a further precondition for a successful conformity test the questionnaire "USB compliance checklist for peripherals (excluding hubs)" and other necessary documents that need to be presented to the official test laboratory are prepared for the relevant device.



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