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Development Strategy: Mainline or Distribution

With regard to embedded Linux systems emlix pursues two basic implementation strategies:

To design a prototype or a proof of concept, a distribution like Yocto or buildroot is in some cases the more economical way. Optimization, distributed work, the subsequent maintenance as well as the hardening of the system are not essential at this point. Therefore it is adequate to use the unspecific compilation of components within a distribution.

This is especially reasonable if our customer already has experience with a certain distribution and wants to continue with the familiar tooling in the first place.

Usually we are recommending a mainline-based approach for products with a longer product life cycle, for product families with hardware and software varieties as well as products which need to be certified: a strictly reduced (hardened) Board Support Package with only those components, which are actually required and which are directly obtained from the respective community (from upstream).


Mainline Compliant Board Support Packages:
Trusted Source for Industrial Products

Such an embedded Linux system is transparent and easy to maintain, to further develop, test and qualify. This applies for a single Linux system and especially for a product family. Undesirable and unclear interactions between the components are limited on a minimum level; the resource requirement is accordingly low. Above all improvements from the community - like updates and security patches - can be passed into the system selectively, directly and with a minimum effort.



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