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Open Source Technology

Embedded Linux and Open Source technologies are core competencies of our company. emlix project teams provide an excellent and comprehensive knowledge from board bring-up to the bootloader and kernel adjustment up to the system and application development for embedded systems.

Besides the provision of embedded Linux based operating system platform (board support package) for devices and machines emlix offers extensive experience in secure networking and vertical integration of Open Source based products. Therefore security and remote update functionalities are an essential part of our portfolio.


System Solutions for the Digitalization
and Networking of Products

On the operating system level we support increased demands considering real time, power management and boot time. Regarding applications we offer profound experiences during the development of products based on Qt, Java and HTML5. In regards to M2M communication we provide experience in OPC/UA and MQTT and REST based solutions.

We support our clients as required with software lifecycle maintenance and security monitoring after completion of the development projects.


emlix Solutions-Team
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