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Security Workshop

Manufacturers, integrators and operators have to comply with the increasing legal and market demands for ,,cyber security,“ ,,IT security“ and ,,industrial security.“ In parallel, security and secure M2M communication using open networks become competitively important. Security features as well as processes for security updates (patch management) are mandatory properties.

Our emlix security workshop forms the basis for the planning and economical realization of an IT system security for connected devices, machines and systems in line with industrial best practices.

During the workshop initially an analysis of the security requirements concerning manipulation protection, data security and IP protection is being carried out. Based on that, technical and organizational measures for the protection against attacks and manipulation are recommended, discussed and evaluated with regard to the implementation as well as efficiency.

As the next step, requirements concerning the security life cycle monitoring can be derived. It is absolutely critical to maintain a defined security level of each software component and the product as a whole throughout the entire life cycle. The outcome after one day of workshop is an initial planning of measures at the level of defined technical features and functions.

The workshop is aimed at project managers and developers. Given the strategic importance of the decisions to be made it also addresses product managers and development managers.


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