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Security Components

To prevent cyber-attacks on devices and machines protection targets must be specifically defined and adjusted precautions must be taken. Thereby a corresponding security concept has to include technical, economical and organizational aspects. Security has to be guaranteed over the entire product life cycle.

The emlix security components are a set of pre-configured, reasonably combinable security components and technologies. These components can be used to efficiently implement different security levels depending on the product and its application context.

The range of emlix security solutions reaches from industrial basis protection to a high security system. By using mainline based components emlix's solutions provide protection of investment and are easy to maintain: innovations and fixes from the community can be easily adopted.

emlix security components include amongst others: 

  1. infrastructure for the generation of hardened embedded Linux systems
  2. secure boot to ensure the integrity of operating system and application
  3. sandbox-environment for the isolation of applications
  4. secure inter-process communication within the system
  5. encrypted diagnostic data to analyse internal system states
  6. encrypted operating data for logging of events like maintenance access
  7. secured network connections with encryption of communication
  8. infrastructure for the secure generation of software updates (security patches)
  9. process for integrity testing of software updates on the system
  10. automated testing of system integrity and correct configuration

Amongst others emlix uses technologies for secure or trusted boot (OTP, TPM), system hardening (Seccomp), identification, authentication, secure communication, firewall, secure event logging, secure event reporting and mandatory access control (MAC).

By use of our build automation tool (e2factory) we ensure a trusted source based solution and we can also provide established services for a continuous monitoring of embedded Linux board support packages and the provision of security updates.


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If you are interested in our embedded linux security solutions (PDF) please download flyer here...