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Linux / Open Source Security

Manufacturer, integrators and operator of Industrial Control Systems (ICS) and therefore also Embedded Linux based systems are increasingly challenged to meet new legal requirements. Qualities of the IT-and system security and the secure M2M-communication become competitively important.

emlix provides solutions to increase the system security for industrial grade embedded Linux systems. For the respective product, the required protection should ideally be considered within the design-and development processes of the hardware and software systems. In addition tools and processes are required to maintain the achieved security throughout the entire product lifecycle.

emlix security solutions for the analysis, development and operation of embedded Linux-based industrial products provides our customers with:

  • considerable experiences in design, development and maintenance, starting from basis protection up to the highly secure system
  • vulnerability analysis, consultation and implementation of concepts for protection of confidential data as well as intellectual property on devices
  • access to flexibly combinable standard components for the efficient implementation of a certain security level for ICS and industrial IT
  • maximum security of investment and future reliability since security components and functions are mainline-compliant
  • established tools and processes for system development as well as continuous security monitoring and provision of security updates

Developing new products, our security components provide pre-configurated core components for a fast and efficient implementation of a useful system security. Our security monitoring supports the process of maintenance of the system security during the product life cycle. The security review is a useful opportunity to evaluate among others the network security of in-house- or third-party developed embedded Linux systems.


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If you are interested in our embedded linux security solutions (PDF) please download flyer here...

White Paper

You can download the white paper on industrial Android security here.