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Real Time Solutions

Industrial control units which are based on Linux use different software architectures to match realtime requirements. emlix realtime solutions include for example high-resolution sonar systems, motion control systems for marking lasers and high-performance test systems for automotive industry.

If a CPU consists of more than one core asymmetric multiprocessing (AMP) offers the possibility to use one core exclusively and outside the Linux system for hard realtime tasks. Since AMP solutions exhibit a low overhead they provide a very low latency and jitter.

The Adeos / Xenomai framework extends an embedded Linux system by a realtime capable hypervisor. There is a seperate interface to get direct access to the hardware and realize hard realtime requirements. Any other functions remain within a complete Linux environment.

Preempt-RT is a technical approach, to make the Linux kernel itself approximately realtime capable. Typically the RT patch is available for long-term stable versions of the Linux kernel.


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