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Qt / D-Bus Applications

For the development of applications for device control, operation and visualization we rely on Qt, D-Bus and additional industrial proven application frameworks (like Python, Lua,..). Besides we are also using C/C++ directly if appropriate. During design and implementation we closely cooperate with our customers' developers and product management.

In numerous projects we are also responsible for the operating system layer. Thus friction losses can be avoided. And while implementing functionality which concerns both the application as well as the operating system significant synergies can be utilized.


Agile Application Development
for Innovative Solutions

Our Qt- or D-Bus-based system solutions are part of different products which are used in digitalization and vertical integration. It covers a wide range from system control, telematics, multimedia systems as well as laboratory devices and medical appliances.


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If you are interested in our offer about embedded linux application development (PDF), please download flyer here...