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For the processors below emlix has already developed custom-specific embedded Linux board support packages or comprehensive systems solutions:

  • Allwinner: A64 ARM-CortexA53
  • Analog Devices: BlackFin, BF5xx
  • HiSilicon (Huawei): Hi3518 ARM 9
  • Microchip (Atmel): AT91SAMx, ATSAMA5Dx, ARM 9, ARM CortexA5
  • Nvidia: Tegra K1, ARM CortexA15, Jetson TX2, ARM CortexA57
  • NXP (Freescale): QorIQ, PowerPC, i.MX2x, i.MX3, i.MX6, i.MX6UL, i.MX8, ARM9 bis ARM-CortexA72
  • Qualcomm: Snapdragon, ARM-CortexA53
  • Renesas: R-Car H, R-Car M, ARM-CortexA57/A53
  • RockChip: RK32xx, ARM-CortexA17
  • Texas Instruments: Sitara ARM-CortexA8 bis ARM-CortexA53
  • AMD, Intel, VIA and others: x86, x86-64

The CPU you are interested in is not among the processors above? Please contact us.



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