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OTA Update

Remote or over-the-air (OTA) update concepts are often an integral part of the development of networked industrial products. An update concept is a necessary prerequisite for software maintenance and bug fixing as well as ensuring the system security with security patches.

The necessity of updates does not only concern the application and the operating system, but also the software on peripheral controllers or FPGA configurations. Particular challenges here are the integrity of the entire system and the migration of configuration data.

In addition, the expansion of the scope of functions and the support for innovative business models are important sources of requirements for differentiated update functionalities. Therefore, OTA update concepts are usually highly product-specific.

Together with you, we develop specific solutions with well-proven concepts and robust mechanisms. They can include for example functions for ensuring authenticity, integrity and confidentiality of the update. Furthermore, typical requirements are power failure safety, an update rollback, a rescue system and differentiation in file, package, data and application updates or partition updates.


Safeguarding the system integrity -
implementing new business models

Besides the consideration of the technical requirements as well as the transmission paths, the production (production concept, deployment) and the process of creating and approving update bundles are part of our solution portfolio.

Moreover, reliable update and recovery concepts for development offer the preconditions for continuous integration and continuous testing of networked industrial products.


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