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RESTful Web Services

Developing IoT systems RESTful webservices are an established architectural basis to realize distributed information structures. Typical scenarios are for example the usage of an industrial HMI application on a mobile device as well as a panel PC. Another example is the integration of an HMI application additionally to a software infrastructure which already exists.

Based on RESTful webservices emlix implements HMI devices with HTML5 technology, Qt or Java Swing/FX. The development of middleware architectures for process control is part of the emlix portfolio as well as the connection of different components via RESTful webservices or their integration into industrial cloud services.

Concrete examples are machine control via tablets or smartphones or REST/OPC-UA gateways for monitoring and control of plants. Additionally we implemented interconnected camera systems in surveillance or sensor-to-cloud systems in measurement technology.


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If you are interested in our offer about IoT solutions with OPC UA, MQTT or REST (PDF), please download flyer here...