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Industrial Android

Both explicit knowledge of specific embedded Linux / Android bootloader, kernel and driver development and a deeper understanding of the Android framework itself are required for a successful porting and functional expansion of Android to new hardware platforms.

For the development of products our engineers analyze the system requirements for the integration of additional hardware components in Android. Apart from the implementation we also offer the installation of the repository as well as the Android build system. Furthermore we perform the compability test and provide specific know-how transfer.


Android Porting and Adaptation
for Industrial Devices

The Android system design, which is optimized for smartphones and tablets, requires  sometimes substantial porting, expansion and maintenance efforts for an customized  Android solution. Therefore we support our customers at the early stages of product development by evaluating possible risks and expense drivers. If desired, emlix also recommends alternative implementation strategies - for example, as a result of a requirements workshop.


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If you are interested in our offer about Linux/Android (PDF), please download flyer here...