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Embedded Security

In some respects embedded security differs considerably from business IT security. The systems in question - embedded devices in machines and plants - are a lot more heterogeneous. This applies for hardware and software components, for the application context and for potential attack vectors. Furthermore, embedded systems have got considerably less performance and ressources than a standard PC.

Moreover, lifecycles of embedded devices are typically significantly longer than of a business PC and they are a lot less interchangeably. A defined level of security has to be kept upright for a extended period.


Scalable Security Solutions
for Industrial Products

Last but not least embedded devices are very often subject to certification requirements. Because of the update of the "IT-Sicherheitsgesetz" these will extend to security items in the short and medium term (no safety without security).

Over the years and derived from many projects we acquired the critical knowledge to meet these requirements. Especially for embedded Linux-based devices emlix offers some standardized security services which are deduced from this long-standing experience.


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