Our software management and build system e2factory, which is optimized for industrial requirements, supports the entire product life cycle management of the embedded software components contained in our customers' products, especially, but not only, at operating system level.

e2factory is subject to the GPLv3 and is available freely as a development tool.

The decisive characteristics and functions for industrial use are primarily the following:

  • e2factory makes reliable build automation management and auditable software change management possible
  • Reproducibility of all appropriately created software versions through checksum controls of all the initial parameters of every build process (sources, build scripts, configuration, build environment)
  • Multi-user capability through client/server architecture
  • Low complexity with focused functionality: transparent compilation of board support packages
  • Process security with independence from particular build computers and individuals
  • Software management on the target software and cross-compilation
  • Supports community-near work (mainline compliance)
  • In the context of projects the sources are obtained directly upstream and reduced to that which is absolutely necessary
  • Integrated version management; unlimited versions can be managed in a project, traceability of changes
  • e2factory allows secure, distributed work across different locations (e2factory workbench)
  • Efficient and reliable life cycle management throughout the product life cycle and diverse software versions as well as different product variants if necessary
  • Targeted quality-ensured compilation of BSPs without unwanted patches, version conflicts etc.; no distribution lock-in

e2factory is an emlix brand and is continually maintained and further developed under emlix's responsibility. Here, there are clear paradigms in the areas of reliability, backwards compatibility and the ability to validate with central reviewing. e2factory updates are carefully planned, thoroughly tested (comprehensive test suite) and matched to every individual customer.