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Industrial Android

The Android Open Source Project (AOSP) forms the basis for porting and functional adjustments of Android for industrial products. A crucial prerequisite for implementing Android on industrial hardware is explicit knowledge of boot loader, kernel and driver development as well as the Android system architecture.

With these competencies, our development team shortens the time to market for our customers. At the same time, our services ensure that investments in one of the most modern operating system platforms are worthwhile over a long period of time offering support for long-term maintenance as well as keeping Android secure.

Our Android support includes:

  • Setup of the AOSP build environment (container- or server-based)
  • Definition and configuration of Android device types and classes
  • Hardware-specific integration and adjustments of peripheral devices
  • Adjustment and implementation of HALs as well as HIDL interfaces
  • Product-specific adjustments of components (e.g. Bluetooth, SSL, TEE)
  • Integration of additional components into the Android framework and native layer
  • Boot loader adjustments for the boot image, Fastboot, AVB, Trusty TEE
  • Implementing and carrying out compatibility and system tests (CTS, VTS)
  • Android continuous testing with the Trade Federation Framework (Tradefed)
  • Product-specific optimization of the system startup behavior (init)
  • Specific recovery and update mechanisms (recovery UI, A/B and Non-A/B)
  • Development of product-specific over-the-air update concepts
  • System optimization for separating OEM components (Project Treble)
  • Android framework updates (from Android 8)
  • Integration of Google security patches (Android Security Bulletins)
  • System analysis, debugging and performance optimization
  • Consulting regarding planning, development, testing and maintenance

The architectural changes since Android 8 significantly improved the long-term maintainability of industrial products with Android. The differentiation between the Android framework on one hand and hardware-specific components such as drivers, kernel and proprietary software provided by chip manufacturers on the other hand allow efficient updates throughout the entire product life cycle.


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If you are interested in our offer about Linux/Android (PDF), please download flyer here...

White Paper

You can download the white paper on industrial Android security here.