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Customer Solutions

Rademacher: Secure control unit for smart living

As a leading provider of drive systems and controllers for sight and sun protection, Rademacher Geräte-Elektronik GmbH offers a wide range of solutions to transform one‘s own house or rented flat into a smart home. Various devices such as the roller shutters control and heating systems can be connected with each other. The desired room temperature can be set automatically and the awnings draw in or out at the touch of a button as well as per voice command. (read more...)

Dürkopp Adler AG: Digital sewing with networked production control

In the textile industry an important factor for companies manufacturing industrial textiles is worldwide networking and improved efficiency of production processes. Digitalized production is also a precondition for complex sewing applications and for real-time monitoring of manufacturing and quality. (read more...)

S.I.E HMI Modular System reduces Time-to-Market significantly

For the development of demanding HMI units System Industrie Electronic GmbH (S.I.E) has developed an HMI modular system consisting of hardware and software modules, which reduces the development risk and costs significantly for its customers and also reduces the time-to-market considerably. For this purpose, S.I.E uses a hardware and software platform that utilizes diverse variants that have already been validated but at the same time allows for customer-specific modifications. emlix GmbH was given the task of developing the embedded Linux platform, a hardware abstraction layer and an update concept. All the components are maintained and further optimized by S.I.E and emlix together. (read more...)

GEA Farm Technologies: Control and business processes – from the field into the cloud

Last year, GEA Farm Technologies won a silver medal for product innovation from the German Farming Society for its superordinate farm management information system. GEA's dairy farm enterprise software DairyNet is integrated into the manufacturer-independent business management software 365FarmNet. The company of the same name offers software-based services for livestock and crop farming in the 365FarmNet cloud. (read more...)

HAMM AG: Remote diagnosis module for road construction rollers

For more than 100 years, HAMM AG has been manufacturing high-quality rollers and compactors for soil and asphalt compaction. In order to further extend their functionality, HAMM wanted to equip the machines with the possibility of field diagnosis for product development. Now, for the determination of load collectives and for the monitoring of prototypes, the relevant data can be continuously collected and transmitted in a freely configurable manner. (read more...)

Schaefler: Intelligent monitoring of machines

FAG SmartCheck is an innovative online system that can be used to monitor various machines. Typical tasks include the monitoring of electric motors, pumps, compressors, ventilators, fans and gearboxes. Schaeffler Industrial Aftermarket (IAM) is a division of Schaeffler Group, a world leading automotive and industrial supplier. (read more)

Gigaset: Android porting - Integration of DECT

With the SL930A, Gigaset offers a landline telephone which combines the functions of a smartphone with the DECT-based HDSP Gigaset sound quality. emlix supported the developer team in Bocholt in adapting and expanding the Android platform for the SL930A, and also provided support in setting up the Gigaset-specific development and production environment (learn more...)

Evonik: Connected devices - worldwide networked dosing systems

Evonik offers customers in the field of animal nutrition fully automated dosing systems for the precise control of amino acid additives. Together with Evonik staff, emlix has developed the software system for the control computers, which will be maintained remotely (learn more...)

SMA Solar Technology AG: Efficient Development of Open Source Platforms

A typical example of efficient product development and maintenance is the platform strategy that SMA, together with emlix, has been following for the past year. Multiple devices with very different application contexts can be developed using the same hardware basis and the same basic operating system software. (learn more...)

Magnetische Prüfanlagen GmbH: Defectoscope MC 2.834 - MP-Linux for instrument family

The Magnetische Prüfanlagen GmbH (MP) has just introduced a new portable eddy current testing device, the Defectoscope MC 2.834. It is the first of a whole family of new instruments. A Debian-based embedded Linux operating system was used during the development of the prototype. (learn more...)

Bartec GmbH: logistic and control system for tanker trucks

On a contract awarded by BARTEC GmbH, Bad Mergentheim, emlix GmbH has developed essential parts of a highly integrated logistics system for the road transport of liquid goods. (learn more...)

DLoG GmbH: fast connections for industrial Linux terminals

Apart from solutions under Windows® and UNIX, DLoG GmbH, a leading specialist supplier of vehicle terminals that are suitable for industrial purposes, now also offers devices based on the open operating system Linux. In cooperation with emlix, the terminal specialists have developed a powerful WLAN driver and a WPA module (Wi-Fi protected access supplicant). (learn more...)



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