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Companies that use embedded Linux in their industrial products profit from the development work of tens of thousands of open source developers. After the initial mistrust of the early years, more and more of these companies now increasingly and actively cooperate with the community: they make efforts to send new and further developments upstream, submit patches and contribute to community projects.

Active open source policy

We are pleased to support our customers with this open source policy and perform the upstreaming for them if desired and agreed. In addition, we of course make our own open-source-compliant developments available, so that our customers are able to answer inquiries from their own customers in a GPL-conforming way (it is not, however, possible or allowed for us to provide legal advice).

Independently of this, we regularly submit fixes, feature patches and bug reports whenever we discover errors in the source code during our development projects.

Furthermore, we give our emlix colleagues space for their own community projects.