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Contributions to Open Source Projects: November 2021

  • OS Contributions

The emlix team has made several contributions to open source projects in the last few months, fixing problems and improving code.

The function copy_mm() in the Linux kernel has been refactored to avoid the use of "goto". The build instructions for the tmon kernel helper have been cleaned up and fixed for cross-compilation some three years after the patches have been sent for the first time. The alloc_workqueue() function received a printf annotation, which enables compile time checks for the arguments of both this function as well as the related alloc_ordered_workqueue() macro. Finally some internal memory functions now use __pfn_to_section() instead of writing the same code by hand.

Further improvements to the LinuxKernelCVEs data have been suggested:

The kas tool to set up BitBake projects had diverged documentation and implementation for projects consisting only of version controlled repositories. Patches were sent to address the issue, but further discussion showed possible side effects. While a different solution for the first issue was developed by the maintainer, the related patch for the unit tests has been commited. Another issue of wrong documentation has also received a fix by upstream.

The Yocto documentation received several improvements, namely description of KCONFIG_MODE, fixing references to obsolete DEPLOY_DIR_IMAGE in examples, documentation and migration documentation regarding the successor IMGDEPLOYDIR, an outdated example for IMAGE_CMD, a broken link to IMAGE_MANIFEST, and finally twoplaces where the license implications of bundling an initramfs were highlighted.

The recipes in Yocto/OpenEmbedded were also improved, like correctly setting capabilities on gnome-keyring, improved Git download rules that obsoleted special instructions for some projects. An update for Chromium in the meta-browser layer exposed usage of a header from XCB, which isn't correct on the given Wayland-based platform.

A build error in the QPDF library was also fixed.

The GRUB bootloader may gain support for searching GPT partition labels.