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Contributions to Open Source Projects January to June 2022

  • Community, OS Contributions

The emlix team has yet again made several contributions to open source projects in the last few months, fixing problems and improving code.

An additional API function and extended documentation for the CMocka test framework have shown up on the wishlist of the project. 

It was suggested to annotate more trylock functions of the Linux kernel with an attribute to warn about unused return codes. Further
experiments for other locking functions found at least one instance where this could lead to errors. Needless function definitions for the arc
platform that were introduced by a copy&paste accident have been removed

An error when configuring util-linux without bash completion and pkg-config has been reported and was fixed upstream almost instantly. 
The LinuxKernelCVEs data has been reviewed and another sweep of improvements have been suggested 
CVE-2021-0936, CVE-2021-0961, CVE-2021-0924, CVE-2021-39657, CVE-2019-15794, CVE-2022-0646, CVE-2022-26490, CVE-2021-1048,
CVE-2022-26878, CVE-2022-1652, CVE-2022-1184, CVE-2021-39802, CVE-2021-39801, CVE-2021-0695, CVE-2022-1116, CVE-2022-29968,
CVE-2022-24122, CVE-2022-1786, CVE-2022-1678, CVE-2022-29581, CVE-2022-20008, and CVE-2022-1734.