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Contributions to Open Source Project December 2020

  • OS Contributions

The emlix team has continued its work in those areas where it has been active for the benefit of all members of the free software ecosystem.

Several new patches for the Linux kernel wait for inclusion: Strobe support for the OmniVision ov5640 camera sensor, documentation corrections for load_elf_phdrs and several typos of "compress" and finally simplified error handling in load_elf_phdrs.

More documentation issues were found in OpenSSL and glibc.

The output parser of KDevelop was improved to provide links for more types of assertions.

The build system of libcap was once again improved to easecross compiling.

A test with the beta version of Qt6 showed problems passing boolean options to Cmake, outdated build information, and wrong hardcoded pkg-config information. The reports came in time so the code issues were fixed before the 6.0.0 release.

Changes for the touchscreen library tslib were proposed that simplify the handling of freeing memory as well as some minor other issues.

Special ELF file handling for a customer resulted in the usage of patchelf, which in turn was offered cleanup patches, a report on possibly invalid headers, a fix for reference corruption, and a fix for 64-bit address truncation as well as several comments on other issues.

Finally two build errors in libarchive were reported, one affecting the yet unreleased GCC 11 and the other one older GCC versions not defaulting to C99.