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Erfolgreiche Maintenance Strategien im Kampf gegen Software Obsolescence – Vorteile von Open Source Software

| Vortrag

Software obsolescence is gaining in importance for three reasons.Firstly due to declining hardware costs and growing requirements even simple embedded devices have relatively complex software solutions - with increasing likelihood of bugs or malfunctions which need to be fixed in the field.

Second the majority of embedded devices today is somehow network integrated - locally or across corporate boundaries. It goes without saying that this raises security issues. And it has to be an ongoing process to identify and roll-out security bugfixes. Last but not least software becomes an important issue within business competition. The possibility to roll-out new features during the lifecycle of a product will become an essential tool for sales and marketing.

As a consequence software has to be modified continuously during a lifecycle. And every little modification - whether it is a security fix or a new feature - bears the risk of obsolescence or software erosion.The purpose of this talk is to illustrate by means of three concrete examples appropriate maintenance strategies to prevent software obsolescence and to realise the capabilities of software flexibility and continuous improvement.

Event: COG Component Obsolescence Group Deutschland e.V.
Speaker: Heike Jordan, emlix GmbH
Date: 8. März 2016

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