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Mainlining-Aktivitäten April '19

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The emlix team has continued its work in those areas where it has been active in the past months, for the benefit of all members of the free software ecosystem.

When playing around with the i.MX6 USB controller we found out that the hardware feature to let the USB controller control the USB device power line instead of using it as kernel-controlled gpio was not used. A patch has been created, after feedback revised and is now to be included in the coming Linux kernel 5.1. Philipp also fixed a reference counting issue in the TLV320AIC3X sound driver. Eike found and fixed another compile issue with libraries in unusual places, this time it was libelf. This caused a discussion that may end up in more general changes on how the kernel build system handled pkg-config files.

QtMultimedia got some trivialcleanups to the WavFile example, which are included in the already released version 5.12. The same is true for a whitespace cleanup in QtBase. More severe is a crash on embedded devices if you have no screens connected, and this is also gone in the very same release. The next version 5.12.3 will have a build warning is tslib support fixed, as well as a place where the less efficient old style connect syntax was used. These changes were side effects of the bugfix that touch release coordinates sometimes caused click events to break, which has also been reported to tslib. The same code has been cleaned up in the development branch to use more modern member initializations and will eventually detect more touchscreens without manual configuration. Finally QtDeclarative got changed to output a sorted the list of GL_EXTENSIONS while debugging, which makes it much easier to compare different runs. Qt is also extending it's CI with some setups suggested by us in an attempt to prevent build failures in some more uncommon configurations that are not so uncommon for our customer setups.

A scary runtime warning in GStreamer has been reported, but it luckily turned out to be misleading, but harmless.

Busybox got a fix for a compile time warning and broken updates of resolv.conf. Still pending are changes that would allow even smaller uclibc configuratons when sacrificing the insecure ,,mktemp -u" option as well as improved support for loop devices.