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Mainlining-Aktivitäten Dezember '18

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The emlix team has continued its work and was carrying out some cleanups as well as offering the watchlist interface more user friendly.

A longstanding issue in syslog-ng now finally has the needed information provided so it can be addressed.

Severe misformatings in the Qt documentation have been identified, sadly without a solution yet.  Additionallity multiplebuildfailures with uncommon display configurations have been identified, which is something we encounter frequently due to the wide range of customer setups. A minor issue in the ui compiler generating needless initialization code has also been found.

Similar things may happen in the Linux kernel when building with OpenSSL located at unexpected places. A patch has been sent, but not yet applied upstream.

An incorrect entry in the generated pkg-config file has been identified and fixed in libcap. This fix is part of the already released version 2.26.

The documentation comment parser of KDevelop received code and alsotest improvemens. Also the CMakeCacheModel has been slightlyoptimized.