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Mainlining-Aktivitäten Juni '18

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Mit der Nutzung von Open Source Software im industriellen Kontext ergeben sich regelmäßig Möglichkeiten der Verbesserung der verwendeten Codebasis. Das emlix-Team trägt im Rahmen seiner Upstream-Aktivitäten zur weiteren und kontinuierlichen Reife von Open Source Software bei.

Auszüge aus dem emlix Mainline Log zeigen aktuelle Beiträge:

A cross-compiling issue in strace was reported with a proposed fix, which has been fixed in version 4.21.

As a follow-up to his previous work there have been further fixes from Eike for the CMake build system of expat, namely writing correct pkg-config files and using proper install directories by default. Both will be part of the next expat release.

OpenSSH recently removed support for old style RSA host keys. Since we regularly deploy OpenSSH to our embedded targets it's a good thing to avoid needlessly generating such keys on first boot to save some time. A small change to the build system was also provided to avoid some warnings during directory creation.

A misconfigured interrupt line caused a warning on some ARM boards, which was identified and fixed by Philipp.

As a part of a customer project we used the SCXML module of Qt in a CMake based project, which sadly caused some build problems that were quickly fixed. The corrected code is included in Qt 5.11 and the recently released LTS release 5.9.6. This also resulted in improvements in other places, which are available in the same versions. Qt 5.11 also made the Qml compiler freely available even in the LGPL versions of the library, which one of our customers was eager to try out. This has resulted inmultipleimprovements in the related CMake modules while tracking down a sadly still unfixed cross-compilation problem.

More issues have been identified in QtWebEngine, like passing wrong options to the host compiler, failing too late by not checking host dependencies, and incompatibilies with libjpeg. A similar issue has been identified in QtMultimedia. For the case that you try to use Qt and read paths from the shipped pkg-config files, these are probably wrong. Another build issue  found in the prereleases of Qt 5.10 was luckily fixed before the final version. Since there have been multiple problems before when doing cross-builds or disabling certain submodules we often test prereleases to identify these issues as soon as possible. It has been proposed to include similar checks in the regular Qt CI builds to prevent most of them from entering the repository entirely.

It's should have become obvious that we use CMake as build system in many of our projects. One of them had the need to find ALSA libraries, which is supported by CMake out-of-the-box. The upcoming 3.12 release will now also feature an imported target for the ALSA module as well as improved documentation.