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Mainlining-Aktivitäten Juli '20

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The emlix team has continued its work in those areas where it has been active for the benefit of all members of the free software ecosystem.

The ConditionPathExistsGlob entry in systemd units was not working when "systemd-analyze condition" was called, which has been reported to upstream and fixed there for the upcoming version 246.

When running dashboard builds of CMake, one can now submit using https. The same will be possible in the future for KWSys builds. Additional improvements happened to the FindThreads module documentation.

A build warning in the Meson build files for GLib has been discovered just hours after a patch was submitted. Tests showed another small error in the original patch version, which has been fixed in the final version after feedback was provided. A typo in a comment in libseccomp was also spotted and fixed.

A Qt fix for the DirectShow code that has been fixed in the 5.12 LTS branch was missing in newer branches, which has been identified and cherry-picked. A similar problem happened in the new QtWebEngine renderer, where a patch to support compilation on old glibc versions was missing. In the GStreamer code of QtMultimedia, a patch to change the usage of NULL in C++ code to nullptr has been integrated in January, but it accidentially also changed this in C code, which was fixed. A crash when deconnecting in QVncScreen has been identified and fixed.

Several issues have also been reported, like hardcoded paths in Qt5UiPlugin build files and Qt5GuiConfigExtras CMake files. A regression introduced in Qt 5.14.2 that breaks nested layouts in QtQuick is sadly still unfixed. A minor issue are duplicate entries in the configure output. Building QtWebEngine resulted in build errors in the embedded libjpeg-turbo. Sudden text elision in QtQuick menu entries can happen on Windows. For the QtLabs Settings module a more comfortable API has been suggested.

A security review for a customer project revealed and corrected wrong version information for CVE-2020-0110.

The media components of the Linux kernel received some improvements, like correction for a wrong callback table size and new support for 14 bit greyscaledata.

In KGpg some buildwarnings have been prevented.

The final share of contributions can be summarized as "builds in unusual configuration": fluxbox uses the wrong ar when cross-compiling, an error that is shared with kissfft that additionally uses the wrong GCC. A similar problem exists in elfutils 0.180, where the host readelf is used to check target binaries. One was able to override the tools for libcap, but now all tools can be changed to cross-tools at once. The target compilation flags now are not used for host compilation by default. A typo in a comment was fixed while creating a patch to put the correct library path into the generated pkg-config files.

The mkfontscale buildsystem hardcodes zlib build flags, which may result in build errors if the file has a different name or is not in the default path. In f2fs-tools the included paths to libuuid and libblkid accidentially worked in most cases. The link flags for libuuid were hardcoded when building libf2fs the correct compile options would have been passed, but were overriden with incomplete values. The inverse was true for mtd-utils, where flags for zlib and lzo were missing.